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Looking for an awesome Gossip Girl roleplay that is crazy active with tons of canons?

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9th-Oct-2008 09:46 pm - My newest project
Mmkay, so those of you that have seen my sites know I'm pretty proud of them. Something to Believe recently got taken offline for a revamp, and a fast forward. And my long awaited project, Remember to Breathe, is now up and running... here's an ad, come check it out!

Hey guys! I'm the creator/admin on a brand spanking new Gossip Girl RPG, just opened last week. We've got 25 members, growing daily, and we'd love some more! We are still looking for canon characters, including Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, and some original canons. Feel free to check it out!!

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Welcome to Manhattan. The city that never sleeps. A city of hopes and dreams, secrets and scandals. It seems everyone has a hidden life that they'd do anything to keep secret. Whether it's the straight edge girl making out with the local female slut behind her boyfriends back or the most unlikely of people hooking up in the back of a limo, everyone has something to hide.

And one person is there to discover it all and expose it to the world. The anonymous blogger that is known exclusively as Gossip Girl. Make sure you watch your back. There's a little Gossip Girl in all of us, and you never know if you friend is actually your friend or someone who would like to see you topple off your high platform. Gossip Girl will be waiting at the bottom, eager to snap your picture and plaster your face on her blog. After all, you're no one til you are talked about.

What will you do? Will you be true to yourself and your friends? Or will you expose the secrets you learn just to get a step ahead of the game? Make sure you are ready to play game though. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Can you survive the hell we call every day life? Or will you succumb and tumble down like the rest of the wannabes?

I know you are intrigued. How could you not be? Envy us, we're the arrogant, beautiful, and filthy rich. You know you love me. Go ahead, take your next step and remember to breathe.

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24th-Sep-2008 05:15 am - I Just Want to Use Your Love Tonight

Title: I Just Want to Use Your Love Tonight
Author: me! Ryan! The one and only!! :)
Pairing: Chuck/Blair
Rating: PG-13
Summary: An alternate ending to episode 14, where Blair comes knocking instead of Serena.
Author's Note: So I'm trying this one-shot thing out. Thanks to my friend Kelly, who's awesome writing of a couple one-shots made me consider to try this out. But if it sucks, you can blame her too. :)

Chuck opened the door to his suite and angrily tossed his bag onto the marble tile. He was more than slightly pissed off at Serena. Sure, he hadn’t always been the nicest to her. But even she should have known that this was beneath him. The bathroom joints, the cracks about dirtying her towels… that was more his style. But porn and dirty toys at the dinner table? Definitely not. He was enjoying having a family. He had been making an effort. Sure, a leopard can’t change his spots. But he can bleach them to a duller, less colored spot.



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